Power Rangers (2017)

It was with unadulterated glee that I sat down to watch this movie. I’ve been a fan of Power rangers since episode 1 of season 1. My thrill in full effect since the Green with Envy arc and I’ve watched sporadically since the original couple of season. I defy anyone to have watched every episode for 22 years! The show always had a fantastic mix of camp, choreographed fighting and after-school life lessons that it was right up my alley.

So, when I heard a reboot was coming, I had high hopes that this was going to be every bit as campy, or even more so, than it’s original. Boy was I mistaken! The writers and director took a campy series and made it…really good? What. The. Fuck.???

Warning, many many spoilers below.


Ok so here’s the trailer that got my nipples hard…ooo…that might be too much info…


Alpha! Synopsis Please!

Ay Ay Ay! High school students from different walks of life endure a Saturday detention. The disparate group includes a disgraced rebellious Jock, an outcast former cheerleader, and a brilliant nerd. The other two, a girl loner and a crazy-yet-sensitive guy, we don’t see in school or detention until the end but they all go there. Each has a chance to tell his or her story, making the others see them a little differently — and when the day ends, they question whether their life will ever be the same. Oh and somewhere along the way they gain superpowers from a buried alien ship, learn kung fu in 10 days, and save the whole world from a resurrected witch and her giant gold monster. No Big deal…


What was Morphinominal!

This movie started off with a definite breakfast club vibe. Actually less of a vibe and more of a, holy shit is this a reboot of the breakfast club? But it worked goddammit, it worked!

I’ve carved a masterpiece my mistress!


The cast was actually phenomenal. I was concerned that the red ranger/jock character would be vanilla, and I was pleasantly surprised at the depth and honest brooding he brought to the role. Not Edward Cullen level brooding, but just enough to make me invested. KUDOS!

The inclusion of a character on the spectrum, and one struggling subtly with her sexuality were very welcome and shocking for how relevant and well it was handled. The black ranger has a sick mom and is worried about being alone in the world if she dies.

The pink ranger was a former mean girl and has actual fucking growth during the course of the movie. I think someone forgot to tell the filmmakers that this was a campy kids show.

Ok, in non caps now. I really applaud the direction at Elizabeth Banks went in. It was only towards the end that she really embraced the camp and fully made my laugh in glee and joy. But she made an honest to god real threat out of Rita Repulsa.
I actually felt like yes, this is someone who – while crazy –  was also lethal and a serious threat to not only our heroes, but the whole world.

Zordon had actual motivation! As a former red ranger, he wanted to fight this battle himself, but chose a nobler way after realising the new rangers were becoming a real team. He essentially passed the torch down to the new rangers. It was well written, it was well acted, and it was very heartening to see such a Power Rangers stalwart as Bryan Cranston (he appeared in many early episodes as various monsters) have such a powerful impact on the reboot.

The nod to the original rangers at the end, the cameo by the OG Tommy and Kimberly (Jason David Frank and Amy Jo Johnson), was perfectly done! I was so happy to see them. I wish they’d included the original team (minus Trin of course sadly).


What really needed a shot of  “Make my monster grow!”

…I only just realised how sexual that catchphrase is…damn…

Goldar looked horrible. I get they were going for the whole realistic molten gold thing. And it was a cool concept. He just looked…well crappy. The power rangers just cannot get giant oozing monsters right on the big screen.

2017 – Goldar looking like a shiny Golgotha 1995 – The Ivan Ooze megazord thing. Very 90s. Much lame.


Yes! This was the movie I was waiting for and didn’t even realise I wanted. Thank you Saban. Thank you movie gods. Now…take my money and give me the blu-ray and a sequel.




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