Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire!!!!

Krod Mandoon is one of those guilty pleasures that really define the genre. It’s incredibly well done, and very few people saw it initially. The perfect combination for this underrated Cult Classic TV Series. Premiering on Comedy Central in 2009, the series only consisted of 6 episodes, so it’s very British in that sense. But those six episodes, are beyond fantastic.

OK let’s start with the Trailer for the series first.

Ok, I promise the series is better than the trailer makes it look. The humour is amazingly sharp. In fact it’s a regular Ben & Jerry of Comedy. All types of comedy is utilised. Physical, dry/british, obvious, it runs the gamut. There’s something for everyone! Come one come all!

The premise of Krod Mandoon is simple. Fantasy setting. Oppressed Lands. The story revolves around a neurotic freedom fighter Krod (Sean Maguire of Meet the Spartans fame) in his battle with the “evil” Chancellor Dongalor (Matt Lucas). Krod is “helped” by his loyal ragtag band which includes:
1. His promiscuous Pagan Girlfriend played by India de Beufort
2. His Sorcerer who has never done actual magic, played by Kevin Hart
3. His slave, a man-pig called a Grobble, played by Steven Speirs
4. And Maequee Rae as Bruce, Krod’s Mentor’s former Jailhouse lover.


Krod_mandoon_castSee if you can guess who’s who

Things that are Meh:

Firstly, the series looks a bit dated having been made for television on what had to be a shoestring budget. No big effects or battles here. But then that’s not a BAD thing. It’s a character series after all.

Secondly, sadly, the show never found an audience, so there are no more episodes to expect. This is more than just meh, this sucks the big one.


Things that are ok:
The characters are well played and perfectly cast. Krod is laugh out loud funny, his ragtag band of misfits are hapless and hilarious. Their interactions and even just the premise is awesome.

Due to the six episode format, the plot is tight and there are no filler episodes. The story knows where it’s going, and get’s there.


Things that are Freaking Perfect:

Matt Lucas and Alex McQueen (Chancellor Dongalor & Barnabus) are fan-freaking-tastic. It makes me want to look through their respective filmographies and see anything they’ve ever been in. Their rapport, their lines, their delivery. Absolutely perfect.


In conclusion, I’ve recently rediscovered this Series, and I’m watching the hell out of it. You must as well. Chancellor Dongalor commands it!!

Oh yeah, and All Hail Emperor Zanus! (Say that five times fast)


5 Stale Popcorns



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