Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus

I own this movie on Blu-Ray. Let that little tidbit sink into your psyche. I realize that in the times we live in, Blu-Ray’s are glorified coasters. Most are content just to stream, or watch digital versions of movies they like. I reserve such lukewarm sentiment for the movies and TV Shows that are just “meh”. The cinema that captures my imagination, tickles my funny bone, or feeds my inner ‘Michael Bay’ are required to be bought, and kept sealed in its plastic for all eternity. Preserved like Walt Disney’s head.

With that out of the way, let me explain why this movie belongs in my collection. Before Sharknado came along, this movie was the first movie in recent memory that was the very personification of what I love about bad movies. Ridiculous story line, 80s pop star in a scientific role, fantastically bad CGI and incredible monsters.

There is absolutely nothing to NOT love about this movie if you’re a fan of the genre.

I’m going to leave this glorious trailer here:


Now I’m going to show you this amazing gif, BECAUSE IT MAY BE THE BEST SCENE IN A MOVIE EVER.


The premise of the movie is simple. Scientists accidentally unfreeze two creatures that have been locked in a death match for millenia! A megaladon and a giant octopus. The two instantly go to their respective corners of the world, creating havoc and mayhem. Then the scientists pull a classic science-y move:

letthemfightYes, Ken Watanabe (not in this film), we WILL let them fight.

Oh, did I mention that our lead scientist is none other than the amazing Debbie Gibson? Wait wait, it also stars Lorenzo Lamas! This couldn’t possibly be any more perfect.

Listen, I could list the pros and the cons of the movie, but I’d be nitpicking. This movie is a SO BAD ITS GREAT MOVIE. I don’t care about it’s flaws. That’s real love people.


I GIVE THIS MOVIE A PERFECT SCORE. You should watch it. Seriously.

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