The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

Before the lofty heights of firefly seamlessly merged the science fiction and western genres, another criminally underrated show had already perfected the recipe. The Adventures of Brisco Country Jr.. With perennial geek favorite Bruce Campbell in the starring role, really you can’t miss watching this gem.

Take a look at some of the teasers for the show:

Fun looking ain’t it?


Bruce Campbell plays our hero. A harvard educated lawyer who turns into a bounty hunter in order to track down the gang that killed his father (Marshall Brisco Country naturally). Along the way he picks up sort of a ragtag band of friends, fellow bounty hunter Lord Bowler played awesomely by Julius Carry and Socrates Pool, a lawyer who is to keep an eye on Brisco.

BruceCampbell JuliusCarry ChristianClemenson Kelly Rutherford GomezAdams Comet
Bruce Campbell / Brisco Julius Carry / Lord Bowler Christian Clemenson / Socrates Poole Kelly Ruthersford / Dixie Cousin John Astin / Prosfessor Wickwire Comet as himself


You may be wondering where the science fiction part of all this comes into play. Well for one thing the show is amazingly anachronistic. There are diving suits, motorcycles, rockets, even an airship. I’m pretty sure the Wild West didn’t have those things. Also the McGuffin of the series turns out to be a mysterious golden Orb from the future. This show is definitely firmly in the steam punk column. Like it’s direct or inspired descendant Firefly, much of what made this so great was the chemistry of the cast and the fun original plot.


What sucked:

In typical FOX fashion, the show was cancelled after one season. It’s like FOX hates all that is good and just in the world. (Brisco, Firefly, Family guy, Futurama. It’s a wonder they’re still around after all these decisions!)


What was awesome:

Everything. Just in case you didn’t understand what I mean by that word, EV-ER-RY-THING was perfect about this show.

  • From the friendships between Brisco and Bowler, or Brisco and Socrates or the flirtation between Brisco and Dixie Cousins. It’s all fantastic!
  • Gomez Adams playing a wacky brilliant Scientist? yes please!
  • The humor of the series was just right. Not too much to make it an out and out comedy, just enough to make it fun.
  • The portrayal of steam punk on main stream television really has never been done before or since. It WORKED.

ec7585c314563d917c4ed9a6da8eb08dCan’t you just hear Bruce Campbell’s voice saying something about the rocket between his legs?

In Conclusion:

Fuck you FOX. That is all. WATCH THIS SHOW!


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