Street Fighter:Assassins Fist

Let’s be really clear, this is not a movie that’s so bad it’s great, however because of the previous horrific incarnations I feel compelled to review it. Simply put, this is the first and only perfect live action street fighter “movie”. Ever. (I’m not counting the amazing Animated Movie).

The brainchild of Joey Ansah and Christian Howard, this started as a fan project that got the backing of Capcom who recognized quality work when they saw it. And boy did they deliver! They’ve crafted a web series that was 12 episodes long not counting the prologue episode (hence why this is being reviewed as a TV series).


I feel to button smash all over the place!


This is the story of Ken and Ryu. The episodes go into detail showing their childhood and training with Master Goken. How Ken comes to be there, the friendship/brotherhood of Ken and Ryu. The development of Hado. It’s everything a Street Fighter Fan could possibly want to know and see about these two fighters. But more than that, it shows the birth of Akuma and the backstory of Master Goken as well.

gouken ryu ken akuma togo gaku
Akira Koieyama/Gouken Mike Moh/Ryu Christan Howard/Ken Joey Ansah/Akuma Togo Igawa/Goutetsu Gaku Space/Gouki

What went wrong:

Not a goddam thing. My only complaint with this series is that I was literally begging for more. I cannot wait to see the next step in this thing. Show us Guile next, or Vega. Everyone. Do everyone! There is a sequel in the works, Street Fighter: World Warrior. I don’t know what the plot is going to be yet but I can guarantee I will buy that blu-ray when it comes out.

*Note: If I had to nitpick, it would be a request for more action. But it’s a different type of show. This isn’t a typical action movie, but a development story so it didn’t call for numerous fight scenes. What they did show was done expertly, using a newly created fighting style that mirrored the game.

What was a Hadoken for the win!

1. Ryu and Ken were perfectly cast. PERFECT. They looked every inch the parts and were able to not only act but also to do the martial arts moves as if they’ve been doing them that way all their life. Poetry.


Talk about born to play a role

2. Goken. I wish somehow there was an award to be given for acting in a series such as this. Can we get it nominated for an emmy maybe? If so he should be nominated and by all rights win. This man (Akira Koiyama) was so amazing in the mentor/father role. Train me Sensei!


This guy can ACT with a capital A for awesome

3. Akuma. Holy shit he was jacked and mean. This was director Joey Ansah under some makeup, and the menace could be felt coming off the screen in waves.


Even the picture seems to growl…

4. The story. They really took their time. If this was a hollywood blockbuster this entire series would have been a 5 minute montage or a voiceover before getting to some explosions. Normally I’d LOVE that but in this case it was refreshing and I devoured every minute of it.

5. Shot for shot this was filmed like a masterclass. You’d swear the budget was in the millions of dollars range.

6. ZERO campiness. The first street fighter movie was a lesson in camp filmmaking. You know once you pull out a nintendo control pad to detonate bombs that your movie is not to be taken seriously. The one with Chun Li was just godawful. M. Bison is supposed to be the most imposing man on screen, not the least. We shall not speak of that one…


Well, at least they had an epic pose. (Street Fighter 1994)

So to sum up what was awesome about Street Fighter:Assassins Fist…everything. Everything was awesome.


Have you bought the Blu-ray or DVD yet? Stop reading my review and go buy this series. Here i’ll give you the link below. This series was perfection (and I’ll probably never see another series that I have nothing negative to say about in this lifetime).

5 Stale Popcorns

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