Kung Fury : Eyeball melting awesomeness

Joy! Joy! Joy! That is what I felt when I realised this movie was released to youtube. I’d been eagerly anticipating it’s release for what felt like decades! (if only I could hack time as good as Hackerman). Just in case you’ve no idea what I’m talking about, here’s the trailer.

Now that you’ve seen that, the ENTIRE movie is available on youtube now, at this link.

Where to even begin?

Let’s start with the origin story. Our Hero was both hit by lightning and bitten by a cobra. This awakened the Kung Fury master level awesomeness within him (according to prophecy naturally). His montage – because what 80s movie would be complete without a montage – gave us this near perfect screenshot.

kf_splitGlorious!! *sheds tear*

After some brief exposition about a new partner being assigned, and how he only works alone, we’re very quickly introduced to his new partner, TriceraCOP.

KF-1Did I mention Glorious????

A crime has been committed and only one man can be responsible, Kung Fuhrer – Adolf Hitler himself. Time hacking using a nintendo power glove and what appears to be a commodore 64, Viking women with Uzis riding raptors, and a larger than life Thunder God all lead to our wonderful climax!

andy-samberg-lonely-islandUnghh…..sooo.. goooood

What could possibly make this movie any better?? A 80s power track theme song sung by The HOFF you say? Your wish is my command! *POOF*

This would have actually charted in the 80s

Who’s responsible for this Nirvana of Film?

Kung Fury first came to my attention a couple years ago, when that trailer hit the interwebs. The creator Mr David Sandberg was trying to crowdfund the making of a full length feature. He didn’t raise enough on kickstarter to go full feature length, but he did get past his first kickstarter goal to enable us all to enjoy a 30 minute short film masterpiece.

I’m sort of glad that’s how it all played out. This movie is incredible and hilarious, full of laugh out loud moments, but I don’t think it could have lasted for an hour and a half. It’s a novelty piece that I just don’t think could keep it’s value for that long. It would be like eating a 6 foot long snickers bar. It sounds good on paper, but you’d stop enjoying it before you even got halfway. So what we did get is concise, sharp and perfect.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS MOVIE TO EVERYONE! Yes, that’s in all caps and bold. I’m trolling the web now looking for a poster from this movie for my man cave.



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